Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not on the Geisinger Health Plan. Why should I participate in MyHealth Rewards?

We want all our employees to live their healthiest lives. The program gives you the opportunity to learn more about your baseline health measures and offers a variety of valuable resources to help you prioritize your health, such as personal health coaches, online educational workshops, and tips and techniques to help you reach your goals. Join thousands of other Geisinger employees who are focusing on their health and earning an incentive.

Life changes can happen. Even if you aren't currently enrolled in Geisinger’s employee medical plan, successfully completing the program in 2024 would allow you to receive the incentive in 2025, should you decide to enroll in the future.

Why is my employer providing these resources?

Your employer is committed to your personal and professional well-being. They want to support you in your effort to lead a happy and healthy life by providing tools and resources to help make that happen.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved by first creating an account or signing in.

How do I register?

Register in less than five minutes at Use your universal Geisinger username and password to log in. After registration, you can use this portal to access your MyHealth Rewards account at any time.

How do I complete the program successfully?

In 2023, 74% of registered MyHealth Rewards participants completed the program successfully. You can too! Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

Step 1: Register and complete the online Wellness Assessment. You’ll answer a few questions about your lifestyle habits. It only takes a few minutes, and you can access it from your MyHealth Rewards account homepage.  

Step 2: Get your initial health metrics on file by July 19. Check the "Initial screening results" section on your account homepage to see what metrics you need. (Note: The earlier you do this, the more time you’ll have to meet your goals.)

Step 3: Once your metrics are on file, check the “Goals” section of your MyHealth Rewards account homepage to learn which metrics you’ll need to improve and what the recommended ranges are that you’ll need to target. 

Step 4: Complete two healthy activities, such as donating blood, uploading an advance directive into your Epic medical record or getting a dental cleaning. You’ll find a complete list of options in your MyHealth Rewards account.

Step 5: Achieve your health goals. All of your health measures must fall within ranges recommended by professional medical organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. Note: We offer alternative ways to qualify if you feel you are unable to reach your health goals. Visit the reasonable alternative section of your account homepage for more information.

Step 6: Meet all goals and requirements by the final program deadline – Oct. 4.

What happens during a MyHealth Rewards health screening?

Each screening takes up to 10 minutes and includes blood pressure, height and weight and lab draws for blood sugar and cholesterol. Note that some health measures may be on file from a previous year or if you consented to sync your medical records. Check your MyHealth Rewards account homepage to see what health measures are needed before making a screening appointment.

How can the Health & Wellness team help me meet my goals?

We help by hosting wellness events throughout the year, providing online resources and a team of health coaches to help you meet your goals. To learn more call Health & Wellness at 866-415-7138. You can also find upcoming wellness initiatives (like webinars, wellness challenges and virtual events), by visiting

I have a health condition or other circumstance that will make it difficult to meet my health goals. What can I do?

If you believe that it is unreasonably difficult or medically inadvisable to meet your MyHealth Rewards goals, we offer alternative ways to qualify. Visit the "Reasonable Alternative” section of your account homepage for full details. Questions? Contact Health & Wellness at or 866-415-7138.

Remember, there are multiple steps required to earn credit for these alternatives. Credit won't be provided unless you complete all steps by the final deadline – Oct. 4.

Do I have to participate in MyHealth Rewards?

No. MyHealth Rewards is voluntary, but we encourage all employees and their spouses or domestic partners to participate in the program and focus on their health and well-being.

Do I need to fast before attending an initial health screening?

Check your MyHealth Rewards homepage before attending a screening to find out whether you’re required to fast for it. At the very least, you’ll need to fast for your blood glucose test. If you’re unable to fast for your blood test, notify the Health & Wellness staff on site, as an A1C can be measured in place of a fasting blood glucose.

LDL cholesterol, glucose and A1C results are good for up to three years. So, if you have these metrics on file after Jan. 1, 2022, and they met goal, they’ll be accepted for the 2024 program year.

How do I track my progress toward meeting MyHealth Rewards goals?

Sign into your MyHealth Rewards homepage to view your program status, review which health metrics are on file and what metrics still need to be completed. Your program is complete when the green check mark is displayed in the "Goals" section. You can also access helpful program tips and resources in your MyHealth Rewards account.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions about Geisinger employee benefits, including medical benefits and the MyHealth Rewards incentive credits, call the Employee Contact Center at 570-271-6640 or email

If you still have questions about MyHealth Rewards, including program requirements and how to get your health measures on file, contact the Health & Wellness team by emailing or calling 866-415-7138.

Which browsers are supported by this site?

This site can be viewed using:

  • Google Chrome
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  • Microsoft Edge – Version 13 and above

Who can participate in MyHealth Rewards? 

Who is eligible to participate?

Your employer determines who is eligible to participate. Some programs may require you and your spouse/domestic partner to participate to achieve rewards. Check with your employer if you are unsure of the requirements.

Can my spouse/domestic partner participate in MyHealth Rewards?

Yes. In fact, research shows that when couples work together, they’re 60% more likely to make a healthy behavior change. MyHealth Rewards is a great place to start. Your spouse or domestic partner can register at They will need to sign in or create a new account if they haven’t previously participated in MyHealth Rewards.
You and your spouse or domestic partner can complete all of your baseline health measures by scheduling an appointment for a free Geisinger health screening. Your spouse or domestic partner can attend even if he/she isn’t insured by Geisinger. Results from a Geisinger provider can be used by selecting the “Sync medical records” button on your account homepage. Results from non-Geisinger providers can be submitted via email to or secure fax 570-214-7742.

I'm pregnant. Can I still participate in MyHealth Rewards?

Yes. To qualify for MyHealth Rewards, expectant mothers still need to register and complete all requirements. For health measures that fall outside the goal range due to pregnancy or recently giving birth, alternative qualifications and medical waivers are available. Visit the reasonable alternative section of your account homepage for more information. Questions? Contact Health & Wellness at or 866-415-7138.

I use tobacco. Can I participate in MyHealth Rewards?

Yes. Smokers and other tobacco users are not automatically disqualified from the program. If you do smoke or use other tobacco products, you can qualify by completing an online or telephonic tobacco cessation course offered by the Health & Wellness team. The online course takes a minimum of four weeks and must be completed prior to the final deadline on Friday, Oct. 4. For more information, email Health & Wellness at

Can children or other non-spousal dependents participate in MyHealth Rewards?

No. Children and other dependents are not eligible to participate.

Screenings, metrics and results

How do I get my initial health metrics on file?

There are three ways to get your health metrics on file:

  • Submit your results. Health metrics taken with your care provider can be used for MyHealth Rewards. If you see a Geisinger clinician, click the “Sync medical records” button in your MyHealth Rewards homepage to update your results. You can also submit results taken by a non-Geisinger clinician via email or secure fax to 570-214-7742.
  • Schedule an appointment for a free MyHealth Rewards screening. Click on the “screening schedules” link on your MyHealth Rewards account homepage. A member of the Health & Wellness team will provide a screening and assist you with the program requirements. Spouses/domestic partners can attend, too, even if they aren’t insured by Geisinger. Be sure to fast for eight hours before your screening if you will have your blood drawn.
  • Through your worksite’s Wellness Champion: Volunteer Wellness Champions are available at various Geisinger locations to take BMI and blood pressure measures. You can use a MyHealth Rewards voucher to get your blood glucose and LDL cholesterol measurements at an onsite outpatient Geisinger Medical Laboratory. Appointments for lab draws must be scheduled through your MyGeisinger account when using a lab voucher. Results can be shared with the Health & Wellness team by clicking the “Sync medical records” button on your MyHealth Rewards homepage. Any health measures taken from that point forward will sync automatically. To request a lab voucher, email

*If you live outside Geisinger’s clinical service area, email for help getting your metrics taken at no cost.  


What health metrics do you measure?

MyHealth Rewards goals are tied to five key health metrics: 

  1. Tobacco use Self-report no tobacco use or complete a tobacco cessation program. Note: You're not required to quit smoking to complete MyHealth Rewards. We only ask that you try by completing the tobacco cessation program.
  2. Body mass index (BMI) - BMI less than 30 or 5% weight loss, up to a 12-pound maximum.
  3. Blood pressure - Systolic less than or equal to 130 mmHg, diastolic less than or equal to 80 mmHg
  4. Cholesterol - LDL less than 160 mg/dL (no risk factors) or less than 100 mg/dL if diagnosed with diabetes, coronary artery disease or stroke.
  5. Blood glucose - Fasting blood glucose less than 100 mg/dL or 5% decrease in blood glucose or A1C less than 5.7 (A1C less than 8 if diagnosed with diabetes). 

What are the deadlines for completing the program?

  • “Early Bird” deadline: Friday, May 31 — Get rewarded for registering early. If you register and get all of your initial health measures on file by the Early Bird deadline, you'll qualify for our weekly Early Bird drawings to win prizes, which include weekly $20 gift card giveaways and a one-time drawing for one of three $500* grand prize packs. The earlier you sign up, the more chances to win — and the more time you have to reach your health goals. Spouses and domestic partners are eligible for the Early Bird drawings, too. Encourage them to register early and get their chance at some prizes.
  • Registration deadline: Friday, July 19 — You must register and have all of your initial health metrics on file by this date.

  • Final program deadline: Friday, Oct. 4 — You must complete all program requirements by this final deadline. This includes meeting your health goals (or completing reasonable alternatives), completing the Wellness Assessment and completing two healthy activities. Check your MyHealth Rewards account homepage to be sure your final health measures are on file and your program status is up to date. Program requirements are not complete until you see a green checkmark in the “goals” section of your MyHealth Rewards account.

* All gifts to employees shall be taxed in accordance with IRS regulations. Accordingly, a gift card or gift certificate (considered cash) in any amount, and non-cash gifts valued at one hundred dollars ($100) or more must be reported to the Payroll Department.

What if my documentation is out of date?

Results must be current and within required time frames or they cannot be accepted.

What if my results are submitted past the deadline?

We cannot accept late results. We recommend keeping track of your progress, looking ahead at program requirements and confirming that your results are submitted before the deadline.

How do I submit verification of my dental cleaning?

  • Automatic credit will be provided for most dental cleanings billed through Delta Dental insurance. However, there may be a 30-day delay between the date of your dental cleaning and when we receive verification. If you don't receive automatic credit for your dental cleaning, please contact Health & Wellness.

Credit for spouses and domestic partners isn't always automatic. If it's not in your account 30 days after the cleaning, submit documentation via email to or secure fax to 570-214-7742.

  • Submit documentation of dental cleanings administered by non-Geisinger providers via email to or secure fax to 570-214-7742.

What counts as a healthy activity?

You must complete and document two healthy activities as part of your MyHealth Rewards requirements. Qualifying healthy activities include: 

  • Donating blood
  • Getting a dental cleaning
  • Volunteering in the community 
  • Completing the wellness feedback survey 
  • Participating in a wellness activity, such as the Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge or other wellness-led initiatives
  • Uploading an advance directive to your Epic medical record to spell out your decisions about end-of-life care
  • Completing a self-care activity, such as attending three Mindful Monday huddles or the Self-care Challenge

Activities completed Oct. 7, 2023, or later will be accepted for the 2024 program. Visit the “Healthy Activities” section of your MyHealth Rewards account for more information. 

MyHealth Rewards Benefit FAQs

Is there any change to the incentive for the 2024 MyHealth Rewards program?

There aren’t any changes. The MyHealth Rewards wellness program will continue to offer a $600 paid incentive in your paycheck if you complete the program successfully in 2024 and enroll in an employee-sponsored medical plan in 2025. Spouses or domestic partners who meet the above requirements will still be eligible for the additional $600 credit. The incentive will be paid in equal installments directly in your paycheck during the 2025 calendar year.

Who's eligible for the MyHealth Rewards credit?

While all Geisinger employees are eligible to participate in MyHealth Rewards, only employees who enroll in Geisinger’s medical coverage in 2025 and successfully complete the 2024 MyHealth Rewards program are eligible to receive a $600 incentive credit, paid in equal installments during the 2025 calendar year. If your spouse or domestic partner also enrolls in Geisinger medical coverage in 2025 and successfully completes the 2024 program, you’re eligible to receive an additional $600 incentive credit, for a total of $1,200, to be paid in equal installments during the 2025 calendar year.

Note: If your spouse or domestic partner is also a Geisinger employee, only one of you can receive the additional $600 incentive.

Can benefits-eligible employees receive the credit if they're not enrolled in a Geisinger health plan?

No. You must enroll in a Geisinger employee medical plan in 2025 and complete MyHealth Rewards successfully in 2024 to qualify for the credit. 

Does my spouse or domestic partner have to participate in MyHealth Rewards for me to qualify for the credit?

No. You can participate in MyHealth Rewards and qualify for the credit on your own. But we encourage you and your spouse or domestic partner to join MyHealth Rewards, so you can focus on your health and wellness together.

What if my spouse or domestic partner also works at Geisinger and completes MyHealth Rewards successfully? Will we each receive a total credit of $1,200?

No. If both you and your spouse or domestic partner are Geisinger employees and enrolled in medical benefits, the total amount you can receive is $1,200 ($600 each). If you’re enrolled in separate plans, the $600 incentive credit would be paid to each of you in your own paychecks. If you’re enrolled in a plan together, the policy holder would receive the incentive credit in their paycheck.

If I (a Geisinger employee) do not complete the program after enrolling but my spouse or domestic partner (not a Geisinger employee) does complete it, will I still receive their $600 credit on my paycheck?

Yes, the credit for spouses or domestic partners will still be paid.

How will the credit be paid to me in 2025?

You’ll receive it in equal installments added to your pay throughout the 2025 calendar year. For example:

  • If you’re paid bi-weekly, and qualify for the single $600 credit, you’ll receive $23.08 per pay period throughout 2025. If you qualify for the full $1,200 credit, you’ll receive $46.15 per pay period throughout 2025.
  • If you’re paid monthly and qualify for the single $600 credit, you’ll receive a $50 credit per pay period throughout 2025. If you qualify for the full $1,200 credit, you’ll receive $100 per pay period throughout 2025. 

Will the money we receive as part of the credit be subject to income tax?

Yes. It will be treated as income and is subject to all applicable taxes.

What if I leave Geisinger before I have received my full $600 or $1,200 credit? Will I receive the remainder as a lump-sum payout?

No. Employees that leave Geisinger before receiving the full credit will forfeit any additional payout.